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Default The truck that started it all for me...

I have been searching for this photo for years. This is the truck that made me want a Model A as a kid. It was my father's truck. I never saw it for myself, but I fell in love with this photo when I was about eight years old.

This truck started life as a '31 Tudor that he bought for $25.00 in 1953. Pop cut it, shortened the body and put it back together with sheet metal screws. He also covered the roof with a piece of sheet metal. The bed was given to him by a friend and the front bumper was a heavy plank given to him by his grandfather. He used this truck at the Texaco station that he owned with his father, and the plank made it perfect for pushing disabled cars.

He drove my mother to the hospital in this truck when she delivered my eldest sister. When he built his house he hauled all the cement and concrete blocks for the basement in it. After using this truck for nearly ten years he sold it for $60.00, so he better than doubled his money.

This photo hung on the wall in my bedroom for years, but was misplaced while I was in the Air Force. I just recently found it in a box that my sister discovered in my parents' house.
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