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Default Re: how can we get the youth to be come involed in our hobby?

I got involved with model A Fords at the age of 10 and had my first one restored and was showing it at 13.My father was the one that got me to old cars as I was hanging out with the wrong guys early-- Drag Racers! --They lived in house next store.Well all in all it was very positive and I am still at it 50 years later.

My wife and I are suporters of the AACA and this past Hershey we decided to donate a vehical to start a childrens program to get youth involved in the hobby.I raced go carts and quater midgets from 9 years old till about 11--then the model A took over.
Anyway I collect carts and quater midgets. My stepkids want nothing to do with my hobby -- lucky for me there mom loves our cars. So we gave the AACA a mint Rice quater midget to get young kids into a program of restoring and racing then showing historic race vehicals ( the one we donated has great history ) The program is just getting going so look for more on it down the road.

The AACA has also teamed up with Hagerty youth program and gets kids involved in juging programs.

All any of us can do is try our best to pass on the knowlage as we are just custodians of our antiques till the next guy gets it!

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