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Default Re: how can we get the youth to be come involed in our hobby?

Go to cruise-ins where the younger car folks are. Ask about their cars. Show a genuine appreciation for what they do. They will then be open to asking about the Model A. Don't react negatively when they want to drop in an K24 (that's a Honda engine). Laugh, remind them the rest of the car could not handle the power. Then show up over and over again. Soon they will come around.

I have made friends with a young guy that has over 500 hp in his Honda Civic. He now asks me about how the progress on the "old school Ford" is coming. At one of the cruise ins he saved a parking space for me next to his Honda.

These guys are incredibly talented and just because they currently have their Ricers, as they can afford more both financially and space, some will go "Old School Ford". But first, we need to show up to shows that are open to all, not just original Model A.
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