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Default Re: how can we get the youth to be come involed in our hobby?

I'm gonna be 45 this year and I have just ALWAYS liked the sounds and looks of old time cars. I never wanted a mustang or camaro or VW but I ALWAYS wanted an "A" or a "T". A's are much easier to drive and stop on today's roads even though parts are easily available for both models. Anyway, I think it's just the mentality of the generations and from what I have seen at shows it helps to know people in your neighborhood willing to share their time and knowledge. Motorshop is gone from High Schools these days, no funding. The internet and social media have taken a stronghold on the nations youths to distract them from getting dirty underneath a classic car. Needless to mention who has $$$$$ to spend or a place to work on these old jalopies.
I think it's just personnal preference and to each his/her own.
I am always willing to share a ride or explain details about my cars to anyone who asks, but I also think it's EXPOSURE and public interest that needs to be perpetuated.

Just my honest opinion!
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