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Default Re: how can we get the youth to be come involed in our hobby?

I agree that it takes exposure and an explanation of the thrill, satisfaction, challenge, do-ability and nostalgia of Model A-ing to initiate anyone, young or old to the hobby. So, as mentioned, showing up at HS events, and shop class would be essential to the indoctrination. Maybe we should develop a program or guide lines for it. My dad had his first Model A when he was 16, and like the string of "T"s he'd owned before then, had to start with (affordable) junk. That's him standing by his '29 phaeton in front of Paseo high school in 1935 or 36 as shown in my web site. Lots of kids had fascinating cars back then and up into the late '70s (my guess) when kids finally were so baby sat by popular culture and youth programs, that a very large percentage of them forfieted their individuality, drive and vision. It's worse today, but not all youth are brain dead yet. I don't think that it necessarily took, then or now, the coolness or popularity of gear heading to motivate a young person to engage in an endeavor that would take up the major portion of his time and vitality. It did and does take a personal vision and determination, largely un-influenced by peer pressure or popular culture. Those types must still be out there. I would probably turn off HS kids, so I'll have my youngest son take the CCPU to the local shop class. We WILL do it. Thanks for the idea.
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