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Default Re: Harmon Collins Rotors ?????

There is an outfit that goes by the name Protomold that will do small runs of plastic parts but whether they can do it like it should be, I don't know. The cost may be out of sight.

A person that has access to a milling machine might be able to make some out of glass reinforced phenolic plastic block (Glass reinforced Bakelite) but it would take some time to figure how to get the brass parts to stay in place and fit a carbon brush.

Accell uses alkyd molding compound ( a polyester based plastic) to form their caps & rotors but Echlin's mix of a similar polyester compound has glass fiber and mica in there for a better dielectric. These are all thermosetting type plastics that are generally pressure molded. It's too bad someone didn't make something similar that could be adapted to work.

The other option would be to make them look original but function as an HEI type setup. That old Chevy stuff works real good. Most folks agree they work as good or better than any magneto does.
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