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Default Long term "A" Ownership

Today, February 22nd, is the day I acquired my 1930 Standard Coupe back in 1941. 78 years of ownership have passed and the 79th year starting. It has been registered and driven every year since 1941 except during my WWII service, and was my only car in the early years of ownership. Obviously it is a keeper. It has had mechanical upkeep as needed over the years. In 1992 enjoyed new paint, new upholstery. It has ZERO accessories, not even a motometer. Plain Jane car, the way I like it.

My 1929 Phaeton has only been with me since 1954, a mere 65 years.

If you car has been in your ownership a long time, lets say at least 60 years, please chime in. This may be old timers day!
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