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Default Re: Got One - Now the VIN search

Originally Posted by Chuck Dempsey View Post
Be warned that the number on the frame might not be readable. Rust never sleeps, it seems, and you may have trouble reading it........

My chassis was in pretty good shape, but even with the body completely off it was not possible to read the frame number without a lot of work. I had to use a piece of paper and rub a pencil back and forth over it to be able to read it at all. Turned out to match the engine number, amazingly. I was not forced to do this by officialdom. I was just curious. The local DMV (in Indiana) accepted the engine number as definitive enough. I wonder what police officer or other agent would have the patience to work at revealing the number, and it very possibly will not be immediately readable, or might not match the engine number. Then what? If there is a number on the title, I'd be tempted to buy one of those metal stamping kits and put it where the old one was ground off on the engine.
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