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Default Re: Got One - Now the VIN search

Originally Posted by eagle View Post
If you have a valid title, buy a stamping set from harbor freight or ebay and stamp that number onto the engine and suitable other locations as you see fit. Problem solved. And no matter what some say, no, its not illegal. Even on a modern car it is perfectly legal to get out your stamps and go to work, stamping the legal Vin anywhere you want. I would not resteamp the frame. There you may encounter some legalities.
Yes. What you do in your garage is your business.

In my case the Texas buyer of my 1930 26K Model AA rolling frame w/engine required I have a title which shows the VIN.

I had to go through the process of applying for title (although in NH a title is not required for registration) and then a very nice local police woman came to the house to verify what the paperwork said.

I almost confused the issue. I pointed out the number on the engine block which agreed with the paperwork. Then (foolish me) I pointed out that the frame had the same number (on my frame it was) and if you hold the light just so you can read that too.

She got all "serious" when she heard this. Holding the light this way and that on BOTH numbers. I foolishly described the build sequence of the Model A which included transfer of the engine number to the frame by the manufacturer on the assembly line.

This opened a BUNCH of questions in her little official mind. Like why can't ANYONE transfer this number? And what if the numbers don't agree? And why can't the frame number be read when the body is in place? And what if someone changes or alters the engine?

She was at the house like 3/4 hour getting this all in mental alignment. And before she would sign off.

Better not to go there.

Simply stamp the motor when nobody is around and call it done.

I have a Sears Rebuild engine that was installed in my original 29 A CC truck. No number - never had one. I have jokingly said I plan to stamp this one A20000001 and install it in a huckster. Who in officialdom would ever dispute this?

Well other than this police woman who MAYBE knows a bit more now?

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