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Default Re: Got One - Now the VIN search

Originally Posted by Charlie Stephens View Post
I am looking for a good acronym for the vehicle identification number for older vehicles. You know the Serial Number Assigned To The Vehicle When It Was Manufactured. Do you think SNATTVWIWM would be good? Are you able to pronounce it? Do you think it will become popular? Do you have a better suggestion? If not, I think I will still call it a VIN even though the acronym was used later with an expanded definition and standardization.

Charlie Stephens
I still call the Model A’s frame or engine number the VIN. Everyone today understands what your taking about if you use that term.

It just concerns me that some states try to make antique car owners go to great lengths to register their cars.

If you have a trail of paperwork showing a continuation of ownership, that should be taken into consideration. The cars are 90 years old. Engines have been changed, frames have rusted, lifting a car can be a real problem. Many states do not issue titles for cars over 20 model years old. On and on.

I have never yet had a problem. Never had anyone ask to check the cars part number, VIN. I alway go in with a lot of confirming paperwork. On a Model A, my opinion is the engine number must match paperwork. That was the Ford way. Hard for DMV to disagree. No number on engine. You need paperwork, and a good conversation with DMV manager.

I am trying to be helpful, not sarcastic. To old for that.
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