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Default Re: Got One - Now the VIN search

Originally Posted by WHN View Post
There was no such thing as a VIN in 1930.

Every car maker did their own think. Frame number was the most common but it might also have been the engine number.

It was not until the mid 50’s that federal standards came into play.

What kind of paperwork do you have on the car? Was it registered when you purchased it?

Chances are very good your frame number might not be readable, or worse, not the number you are expecting to find.

If your engine had a number on it, would the DMV except that number?
I am looking for a good acronym for the vehicle identification number for older vehicles. You know the Serial Number Assigned To The Vehicle When It Was Manufactured. Do you think SNATTVWIWM would be good? Are you able to pronounce it? Do you think it will become popular? Do you have a better suggestion? If not, I think I will still call it a VIN even though the acronym was used later with an expanded definition and standardization.

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