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Default I got my first returned centercap

Woodie from another forum sent me his defective intermediate (Centercap).

I'm posting pictures and a descriptive explanation to help others understand what to look for, the cause, it's effect, and solution:
The cause is in temperature variations during the manufacturing/mold process. It is 200LBs. of well engineered billet steel and needs preheating prior to injecting very high temp Bakelite and then a waiting process (Cooling down evenly) staring at a stopwatch 10 minutes for each piece before exposing it to ambient air; (My rotors only took 4 minutes!) split the mold too quick and the result is hairline cracks.... too slow and the machine clogs up and have to spend 2 hours re-tooling it and repeat until everything's running smooth, cool down's timed right - kinda like baking a pound cake in a french oven I guess. Anyway, before installing always inspect for cracks please. In Woodie's case, he had a crack from the primary screw hole to 1 of 4 pin holes that support the top ring in position during manufacturing. Because the steel wasn't at the correct temp yet, the outside of the part cooled quicker than the inside leaving 'EXTERNAL VISUAL CRACKS' noticeable in my pictures so please inspect before installing.

I now use JB Weld (Kwick) to insulate the 4 holes from "Leaking" high voltage secondary electricity. For any naysayers, JB-weld does not conduct electricy!!! I use it in building circuits and never have had ANY issues
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