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Originally Posted by Liberty Garage View Post
Thanks Bob, this is really helpful! Are the two service brake cross shafts the same ones out on ebay, are they yours? i have them on my watch list.

From what I can see, the e-brake rod would come down just to the right of the drive line, from the handle to the cross shaft?

On the service brake, it seems like my cross shaft is sort of in the correct location but should be below the frame rails, not sitting on top of them?

I really appreciate your insight!

When you get the brakes sorted out and working well, see if you can fab up steering brakes; that is, a separate hand lever for each rear drum. Crank the steering wheel hard left (or right), grab the brake lever for that side, and spin 'er right around! This also works great if one wheel is spinning on ice or snow, mud, leaves, etc. Just feather the brake on the spinning wheel which will send more power to the wheel with better traction.
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