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Default Re: Component Finishes

HERE are questions Charles asked for everyone to see and the answers he was given. You can see them all on the other site and more.

Thanks for the info posted on VFF… very helpful!

* “Raven” … Rust oleum Rust Reformer: actually an interesting 'flat' color ... but once used, does this product stand up to weather (humidity) or does it have to be overcoated with ‘paint’? I have not had any luck with various Parkerizing, gun bluing products, etc..

DP90 is MUCH MUCH Better to use and looks more correct.
Also you can buy "PRESTO BLACK" best i have seen, you can get from Birchwood Labs in MN...(google it) you drop it in and in about 3 min its black, clear water rinse, dry and spray with Satin. Out standing and all will match.

I assume you are talking DP90 with hardener (2-part)… might try small volume via an air brush since I have so few raven parts

Website pics of Presto Black seem to show nice finish. A bit pricey tho for the few raven pieces needed. Wish it came in smaller size … do you know anyone that would want to split a gallon>
Actually know I don’t but let me see if I can find another product that does that same, there are many out there available

* “Unfinished” … Eastwood Factory Gray-Cast Iron Color or Eastwood Zink Phosphate: any advantage over clean bare metal sprayed with clear lacquer (rattle can)?

Wire Brushed and then sprayed with "SATIN" clear
lots of options … did your research find a favorite brand to hold up best?
Rustolium or any of them, what is important is it is SATIN only….

* “Cadmium” … Eastwood Silver Cad: next to impossible to find actual cad plating in my area.

Works fine but test first, I have used metallic silver with better results
Is this the eastwood 2-part stuff? Or something in rattle can
Rattle Can only.

* "Chassis Black" ... Eastwood Chassis Black: acceptable?

This is okay but a bit FLATTER than you really want for Fine Point...A Rattle can of Semi Gloss will work better as it always comes out flatter which is correct
Again, lots of options … did your research find a favorite brand? I like the rattle can idea!
Rustolium, makes sure its Satin Black….that is what you want

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