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Default Re: An Early Ford Truck Post... Let's see them.

Hi I just did join the Barn moments a go and It is going to take me some time to get organized and in the fast lane. it's The Beater Trucks that really cought my eye. Up here in the Napa Valley," The FORD BARN steping stone" we have ben calling them " VALLEY TRUCKS". I will work up a photo log of the locales from the wine country a little bit later.

My entry came to me some 35 years ago From Southern California. (San Pedro, Lomita) aera I'll check the specifics a bit lateor. The Builder Started with a very streight original tan paint 40 Pickup. I think he must have ben in the aircraft busyness judging by all the stainless work, craftsmanship and inovations. I will get back with better details later. for now i am going to try with some photographs. Need to figure out the atachement prosses and spell check.

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