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3) Bores: You would want the 21 stud bores to be at a minimum 3 3/16 inch - such that the later 29A through 8BA rods would fit through the bores.
I was wondering about that, thanks for answering my unasked question.

I'm not sure how big you can bore a block with the 21 stud pattern in the deck, not even considering cylinder wall thickness. It might not be much bigger than 3.188 so this would limit the range of bore size possible if the min is near 3.188 and the max is also near 3.188.
(Stock bore on 221 CI 21 stud engines is 3.062)

Tod - have you spoken to any pro flathead builders yet, have any contacted you? I imagine they would drive a lot of the potential sales.

A new block would permit crate engines to be built and sold.
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