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Tod, I have one comment and then a question.

So the comment which is actually quite obvious when looking at the Flathead bottom end. Basically logic tells me that the center main is carrying more than it's fair share of the load. After all it is influenced by both the front four and the back four cylinders.

It is my understanding that the old NOVI V8's of Indianapolis fame were 3 main bearing engines. Extra effort went into keeping that center bearing in place, round and cool.

If a performance Flathead needs any oiling modification at all I would be looking at extra oil to that center main to keep it cool.

The next part is more of a question pertaining to the type of block material you'll be designing for. I'm assuming this is a cast iron project. That would be best for the vast majority of consumers I would think.

It's only if you decide to foray into the aluminum world that I wonder if you might consider using PTWA to form the cylinder walls with the greatest possible bore diameter?

It is my understanding that PTWA is becoming commonplace both in original manufacturing and also "re"- manufacturing.

Just a thought I guess thinking out into the future should an aluminum block become a feasible project.
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