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Originally Posted by Bored&Stroked View Post
Me (as a performance and race builder) would think about the following -- just to kick it around:
1) Thicker deck surface - like 1/2" - with the bosses for stud locations
2) Thicker or better engineered main webs - especially the middle one.
3) Ability to configure your core boxes for a 3 or a 5 main lower end.
4) Improve the oiling system a bit (galley design) - such that it is easy to put a full-flow filter on it and have 100% filtered oil to everything.
5) Provide the block in a non-relieved state - makes it possible for the Ardun guys to use it (or other OHV designs) . . . and plenty of guys don't use reliefs anyway.
6) Improve the intake port and bowl design for better flow. Think about press in bronze guides (like the flathead Cadillac) - instead of the guides we have today. They make a mess of the port floor and have a lot of slop in their fitment.
7) Improve the exhaust port - add a cast in divider in the middle, better flow for all, but same flange on the outside
8) Consider the ability to bore to 3.5" - I believe we can still seal the chambers at that diameter.
9) Consider an aluminum block with steel liners. I would love to be able to make a lighter weight flathead.
10) I think folks like the 59AB pan and water pump setup the best, but maybe there is a way to make the block such that you could bolt on a 59AB 1/2 bell - and run the 59AB style pan. The biggest area to figure out will be the rear main cap (so the pan can seal).

Okay - some off the hip thoughts!
Good list. Bore is restricted/dictated by the exhaust-through-the-jacket original design. I am pondering how to design that area for greatest improvement. All steps required to get a casting need to be considered. It is in my head most of the time now, even as I work on other projects. It will happen, Lord willing.

I also thing increasing coolant capacity as much as possible by kicking out the jacket wall near the valve springs and on the outside wall, and under the deck area. The outside needs to consider the exhaust manifolds in the equation.

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