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The more I think about it, the more I like "Tod"'s original idea for an 8BA block. If you want the back end to be pre-49 style, there are lots of Merc and Ford truck bellhousings out there. The fronts are similar enough that guys have been "mixing and matching" cams, front covers, and distributors for years. The one thing mentioned that might be nice is the provisions for both 21 and 24 stud configurations. It will be a pretty small sacrifice for the guys wanting early 21 stud with head mounted water pumps to give up poured babbitt bearings and to run water pump block off plates, which could be configured to mimic the front of an early block. Basically a 21 stud 8BA.

Other than that, I'll defer to "Bored&Stroked"s list of improvements since he's been around the block (pun intended) a time or two. To go to all of this effort without incorporating some obvious improvements would be foolhardy.

I just realized that I have talked myself into precisely "Tod"'s original position. I guess he must be right!

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