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The last two posters make interesting points. There seem to be three major groups of flatheads; 21 studs, early 24 studs, and late 24 studs (8BA). By making one specific type of block, you would be eliminating about half the potential market. "rotorwrench" expressed some potential ways that all three groups MAY be able to be accommodated. (I am not familiar enough with the engineering aspects of the three basic types of blocks to even venture a guess as to whether it would even be technically possible to do this.) The drawback of a block like this is that it would not be legal in most racing associations, although I suspect that may change with the passage of time. I am also one of those who have no need for one, but it is fun to sit back and watch. I have really appreciated "Tod"'s thread on the H.A.M.B. about the 4 cylinder block and heads, and I hope to be seeing a similar one about V8's. Keep up the good work!
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