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I'm not sure what the French blocks are going for now days or if folks are even purchasing any of them or not. The 8BA block would make more sense from its adaptability standpoint. Folks would need the pickup/Mercury pressings or maybe the 51 Mercury bell housing casting to adapt them to the early configuration types. If say $2500 per copy is do-able then there may be a market.

There will come a time when the old ones get played pretty well out but that may not be in my lifetime. I've purchased stuff like that before when an effort to make things like new was needed. There would be some market but I certainly wouldn't be the one to figure how much of one there'd be.

The Aluminum large bore set up that Mark Kirby started has some promise but it seems to be in limbo right now. After the big slump in 2008 folks have been holding on to their purse strings a little tighter.

Bottom line is that all of us would like to be able to go out and buy new parts like this but how many of us actually would is the mystery.
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