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Originally Posted by hotcoupe View Post
Tod, please don't let the nay sayers discourage you. I think there would be as large a market for a flathead block as there is for the Model A block and maybe larger. I think it would be imperative that the new block use original internal parts. And i think the '39 -'48 block would be a LOT more desirable. I second the recomendation to get in touch with JohnLawson. Followed your progress on the Model A block, beautiful.
I don't care about naysayers. I know what I can do. First I hear there is a need for blocks then I hear there are plenty, then I hear others are making one. I have better stuff to do than listen to nonsense. Same BS, different day.

I have Model A orders to fill. Blocks and heads. Got the new OHV about ready too, with buyers waiting.

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