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Default Re: Harmon Collins Rotors ?????

Originally Posted by JM 35 Sedan View Post
Thank you DD. I have been trying to find his contact info for a friend needing these H-C parts he's reproducing, but running into roadblocks on all attemps so far.

I had tried this one he gave on an old post, but it failed....."". I'll try the one you posted above or try to contact him on the HAMB.
I enjoyed our conversation JM. Sorry for the difficulty but we got it handled. That "sales AT specific design" was receiving 99.999% spam, and .0001% actual sales so I shut er down

I've been hoping for more interest in my centercap, try and recoop expenses but if anyone would like to get a rotor or the new centercap just replace the "sales@" part of my email with my name (Joe at) and I'll reply

Thanks everyone for supporting me!
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