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Default Re: Truck based woody

Hi GB. The truck is taking shape nicely. I have looked at the pics and think the heavy crossmember needs to be moved inwards, behind the doors. then a thinner sill piece could be used below the doors. I looked at the English Morris travellers that have wooden construction and barn doors. they have a sheet metal sill below the doors and a deep step up inside the doors.

The deep cross piece (in your case) is very necessary to give strength to the rear structure.

I don't know about the bumper, but in my mind it wants to be as simple as possible (if you have one at all).

Type in "Morris traveller rear" in google images and you will see what i was looking at.

Here's one showing the bumper brackets poking through the rear panel.

Not saying you should do it like that, just showing that the strength can be behind the doors and just a cosmetic sill panel below.

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