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Thumbs up H&c middle cap coming soon :)

Oh, just so you know I had 5 people give me small deposits a year ago for the middle cap -- listing their initials below:

Great Thanks for everyone's support BTW:

{Thanks Guys}

Money was the hold-up. I am just one guy making these so it takes a while for me to scavenge funds for these re-pop projects. I really am trying to finish before end of 2015, I was trying to finish for x-mas but the brass ring is holding me back a little bit. (It goes into the mold when the high-temp bakelite is injected. takes approx. 7 minutes to make 1piece!!!!) Must cool down due to thickness otherwise they will crack and so far I have not had a SINGLE RETURN with the rotors & I want to stay that way....

The Color is extremely close match, my sample was lets just say "Well Aged" so please don't expect a spectro-chromagraphic identical color like at home depot mixing paint, not as simple.

Can't wait to finish these and get them out there!!!
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