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Default Re: Harmon Collins Rotors ?????


Can't believe a year has gone by -- wow. Rotors worked out well. Not a single return, only a few broken carbon brushes due to shipping handling and or boxing. I want to thank everyone for their support in buying them. Sales paid for costs' ....juuuuust about. Profit was in the "sense of accomplishment" from producing a useable good that put a smile on some faces, and a light pat on the back

CENTERCAP. I know everyone in need is waiting. It has been first on my 'short list "to do", but the workbench has been wiped off, and I'll be focusing attention directly on it over the next few weeks. My supplier for the Bakelite needs to mix it to match, also need to do some math. (weight, etc... per piece) Then just bite the bullet so to speak and buy the machine time and try it out, make nec. adjustments etc... so it is a start and not stop until done process.

Cheers Guys

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