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Default I am so happy......With my 1500W gear oil...

Hi all

I wanted to share my happiness.

As you many have read, I had a couple of postings at the start of the summer season concerning Gear Oil and STP. After all the suggestions, I finally decided not to use STP for my gears. Instead I got Merola 1500W. Kind of similar in density as the STP, but a real oil, as many of you called the STP not an oil. :-)

Part of the discussion was that these high density oils will make shifting difficult in winter.

Well, "I am so happy" to report that after 3 days of night temperatures around 18F and daily temperatures around 35-45 F I was able to drive the car without double clutching.

This is my first year with a model A and as a newbie, double clutching learning curve was not fast. It improved when I moved from 600W to the 1500W. But it wasn't a WOW.

Today, at noon with 46F I started the car. Started right away after 3 weeks in the non-heated barn. Moving the Gears where harder than in summer. But not an issue at all. Took it out, let him warm a little and started my 10 + miles trip around the town.

I happy... It was shifting like a charm. I did not have to do double clutching. From first to second was smooth as cutting butter with a knife. Same from 2nd to 3er. Moreover, I was able to do my firsts downshiftings without any grinding.

I can't be more happy.

Lesson learned : An oil like Molasse consistency worked marvels, at least for me. I wish I could keep this "low temp density " in summer. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything higher than the 1500W. But I am happy, very happy with my decision.

I hope this posting helps others, but, every car, and every driver is a different world.

Cheers to all and thank you very much for all the teaching !!!

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