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Default Re: Best way to enter and exit 31 CCPU

Originally Posted by SSsssteamer View Post
I have found the best way for my 6'3" frame & 220# butt to enter our '31 CCPU is to put my right foot in first, straight in to the throttle foot rest, set my buns on the seat and fit my left foot through the gap between the seat and the door frame. Getting out is easier. The left foot leads to the ground with the right foot soon to follow.
That's the way I did it when I had my 30 CCPU. Course I was younger, skinnier, and more flexible then.

Originally Posted by cpf240 View Post
Maybe get in on the passenger side and slide over?
That avoids the steering wheel but you still have to contend with the shifter and e-brake.
WANTED: original flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor. Must be NOS and reasonably priced.
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