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Default Re: Best way to enter and exit 31 CCPU

yea the 29 CCPU cabs are even more interesting. I'm tall enough to never know to use the running boards or not...feet can touch the ground when stepping in and out but thighs too long to sit and swivel feet into position...if I utilize the running board that just makes everything way worse haha.

usually my shoes get stuck on all sorts of things or the door post to seat riser area. AA's are worse as you have the dual high rocker pedal smack under your foot along with starter button, accel , accel rest, clutch, brake to deal with. Better be cozy with whoevers riding shotgun...

If you've ever seen life size statues of past famous people or presidents from around 1900 they were amazingly small... Would be interesting to have them time travel and fit in a modern full-size - they would get lost in them!
1929 Model AA - Need long splash aprons!
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