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Default Re: Buy and sell parts

If someone makes an offer you can say no, if they pay your price you can't complain. If they talk you into a price lower than you want, you screwed up. The whole point of this thread is about the guy that solicited a part to me, gave me a price, I paid it with no question, and then he emails me and picks on my wife and dogs and myself and our "phony" smiles saying we went over the line by listing the item for sale and called me a snake and a person that ruins the hobby. I will provide this email to anyone interested. He also had another part that I had inquired about, and his mint condition was not my mint condition ( bondo, welding) so I declined to buy that item, that also annoyed him. Hey, I am just trying to upgrade my 32 Ford and I buy and sell a few parts to keep me going.
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