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Default Re: Buy and sell parts

Originally Posted by BoxCar Tom View Post
This thread reminded me, two years ago I posted a msg on the barm, "32 ford parts for sale at Hershey location &^%$*&" and listed several items that I would have at my swap spot. Several barn guys came by, some bought. One guy wanted to buy the 32 closed car header panel I had for sale. He said he was looking for it for years but refused to pay my price (it was a reasonable price and some said it was under priced). I asked if he had any 32 parts for sale or trade? No. Long story short, I reluctantly cut the price and sold the part. Hours later and at least a half mile way, I was visiting a spot that was also posted on the barn. Low and behold there is the header I just sold, with $100.00 mark up surrounded by an assortment of 32 ford parts for sale. I though that's a lesson and yet being a red blooded capitalist I thought I could use this to my advantage and bargain for a lower price on a 32 firewall. The woman minding the spot said that the prices are set by her husband and they are non-negotiable. I persisted, she called him, and I talked to him on his cell ph. He said that if he didn't get his price it would go no ebay and if I could not afford it I was in the wrong hobby. I reminded him that he bought the header panel from me, he hung up. That guy is on the barn!
i have a mental list of swap meet snakes and when i set up to sell i usually dont mark prices. the parts have 2 prices, 1 price is what i want for it with a barganing amount figuered in because everyone like to haggle. i dont mind the haggle as long as its not insulting , like i say $100 and the buyer says $10.
the second price is for the snakes and there are alot of them. when i crunch the number its usually enough they just set it down and walk away.
i have a guy trying to buy parts from me now. he has never built a car and only hustles parts and claims to be a big time enthusiest to the hobby. when i have tried in the past to deal with he its a one way street, "give me your parts and buy mine" and he does not haggle at all.

as to the seller mentioned above, im sure he is on my list, haha

the people that say "shut up and stop whinning" havent experience the bend over and grab your ankles routine of the fleamarket snakes.
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