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Default Re: Buy and sell parts

Originally Posted by Chucks32 View Post
When I sell you a part, You can use it, resell it or do whatever you want. I have no problem with that. I bought a part for the full asking price, thinking i could make a few dollars on it. I did not say I needed the part or even made an offer, just paid full price. Now the seller calls me a snake and I have ruined the hobby! I guess we have to resell everything for the same money we paid or take a loss.
So I guess by now you have a pretty good sampling of what the snake scenario is. If you didn't do any of the 20 or so odd things that are described here and the guy is PO'd at you I wouldn't worry about it. On the other hand, if you did play the guy you know it, only the big guy can absolve you. It all washes out in the final rinse.
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