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Default Re: Buy and sell parts

Golly, there are teams that buy cars at the meets and resell them at the same meet. I sell at Hershey and when it is gone, bye bey. I know what I have in it and how long I have had it. Sometimes I don't want to take it home so it sells or goes by the trash can for free pickup. I had an extra Model A horn one time that I had $5 in. At that time, they were priced at $150. I happily took $110 for it and saw it on the guys table for the 3 next Hersheys for $150. I converted his money into beer. There are some folks that beg and beg and we soon figure out who they are. The ones I love are those who ask me to hold a piece for them without paying. You know "Hold it for me, I'll pick it up later" guy: I'm glad to put it back if the $$ are in my pocket. The 28 Ford phaeton I have for sale has 3 guys telling me it is sold, but it ain't gone so it is for sale. This is a hobby so do what you are comportable with.
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