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Default Re: '41 Ford COE questions

Sorry. I've been out of town and working a bunch lately. No, it's not on the road but it's getting close. I've been working on the wiring lately. This time I had my 9 year old son Brayden out in the garage with me. He was helping me with the massive job of wiring the truck. The COE didn't have any wiring or electrical devices when I bought it so I had to start from scratch. Thanks to some generous "Barn" members, I received by email some very nice simplified wiring diagrams to get started. I'm an electronics/electrical technician by trade but this project was surprisingly intimidating. I wanted to get it right the first time so I've taken my time in planning every circuit out. The new fuse/distribution block has been installed under the passenger seat and all new circuits have been terminated. All the new wiring was run in the original style cloth loom. The truck turns over now, the horn and lighting all work. I need to wire up the new fuel pump. I ordered a new distributor this week and will finish that up when I get home in a week or so. After that I'll be able to drive it to the muffler shop and have a new exhaust system built. Any suggestions on the exhaust. I'm leaning towards deleting the mufflers and running 2" exhaust that dumps out on both sides behind the steps.

I'll post a few pics later this week.


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