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Default Re: '41 Ford COE questions

Originally Posted by COE Dan View Post
This truck appears to have a third lever in the cab (hand brake, transmission, and rear axle???) Is there a mechanical linkage to the rear axle? It appears that way from the rear axle photos.

The extra shift lever might be to a second transmission behind the 4 speed. That's what I have: 4 speed, followed by a 3 speed. Each with its own shift lever.

He can easily check this by looking to see if there is a second transmission.

If there are two transmissions, then that truck has a lot of options with 4, 3, and two speed rear end for a total of 24 speeds forward and 6 reverse.

Edit: looking at the first photo, there doesn't appear to be a second transmission. If present it would probably be visible in that photo.

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