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Default Electric wiper arm

Iím working on the electric wiper on my 1930 Fordor and the new wiper arm support is a bit shorter (about 1/4Ē) than the one that came off and doesnít fit the old wiper arm.

The wiper arm support p/n is A-17564-A. Can anyone confirm the wiper arm A-17530-A will fit this support? These are all parts on Bertís website and I will call tomorrow, just wondering if anyone knows off the top of their head.

Also, I was very impressed with the quality of the wiper arm support. Looks like it was CNC milled, probably why it was $35. The old one was a vintique pot metal piece of junk. I remember when my grandfather did this he broke 3 just trying to fit them on the wiper shaft... glad to see quality parts being made, well worth the cost.
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