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Default Re: Interest in Accessory "Spark Starter"

Originally Posted by alexiskai View Post
It seems like your design would transfer force to the starter rod via friction, using the two pincers that "snap" onto the rod. The other designs require you to unscrew the rod and then interpose a bracket between the rod and the starter switch. This seems like a more secure connection is there a risk that the friction design would migrate out of position over time? Or is it designed so that the distance between the two pincer arms takes up all the distance between the switch and the floorboard?

I know it wouldn't be very traditional, but this seems like a design you could 3D-print quite cheaply, and if it worked using that material I'm sure you could undercut the $60-100 they're charging for the other designs.
I don't think it would move after some time, in fact I have had an original on my car for a few days of driving as a test and nothing has happened. It is supposed to be tight in between the switch and the floorboard, and I don't see it coming lose between that and the connection at the spark lever.
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