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Default Interest in Accessory "Spark Starter"

I am posting this here to gauge the interest in the possibility of reproducing this accessory. I have the shops that could make the parts to make it so I thought I would throw it out there. Here is some background:

The company that made them was called the Allen Corporation in Memphis, Tennessee. The company may or may not exist anymore, but I would venture to say that is long gone. On the boxes and the instruction sheets I have found, the copyright was 1930. This leads me to believe that this accessory did not become available until 1930. However, it will work on any model a.

I have no idea how many they made or how long they were made for.

It is a useful accessory these days because all of us are older guys and pressing the starter pedal is not easy for some. It is hard to see it sometimes too or get it confused with the foot rest (we all have done it). It is a very simple design that is basically a few pieces of steel that are riveted together at one point and have some bends and holes. Its simple design makes it somewhat easy to reproduce and not mess up like the other reproduction design that Snyders and Brattons sell. It is a different accessory that is more work to install and has quality and fit issues. The "Spark Starter" just snaps on the rod and on the spark lever. An easy install. It works by retarding the spark up which expands the spark starter which engages the starter rod. Here is the illustration which was included in the original instructions.

Who would be interested in such a thing? Trying to see if it is worth producing for enough people.
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