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Default Re: 8BA into a 1934 Ford

Not entirely true, the blocks are the same length (except for the bellhousing), it is the front bolt-ons that increase the 8ba length. These can be changed to the 59a or truck parts. No modifications to the frame, firewall, transmission mounts, etc are required. The 59a block is actually longer because of the built in portion of the bellhousing, but the components used to mate the 8ba to the transmission make the overall assembly the same length. Spacers are needed to mate the truck water pumps. They correct both the height and spacing difference. The side to side spacing of the front mounts is different from the original 34 engine mounts and later engine mounts. This applies to both 59a & 8ba engines.

There are various methods to work out the fan placement. This is a very common installation and has been done throusands of times I'm sure. Lots of threads on the topic here on the Barn. Also a lot of members on here who have experience with this and can provide answers to about any question.

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