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The Model A 1928-29 wheels are probably a little rarer than the 1930-31 wheels - this due to their method of construction with an "inturning" rim bead. The bead catches water and the inturn bead rots out from the inside. The 1930-31 wheels do not suffer from this defect.

The Model A "AR" type wheels are probably the rarest in numbers and most difficult to find - but demand for these is limited because of the limited number of AR cars remaining. So value for these tend to follow the later 1928-29 wheels and probably for the same defect.

Around here a good usable 1928-29 standard wheel runs about $25. Better quality a bit more perhaps. AR wheels perhaps $35 when you find them. 30-31 wheels perhaps $25 but only if they not all chipped up on the paint.

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