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Originally Posted by Jeff/Illinois View Post
B-J, American Pickers, and other 'reality' TV shows have done a lot to hurt this hobby. More harm than any possible good.

They have taken a lot of the fun out of this hobby. For reasons stated, mainly every fool with any rusted out hulk thinks he has a gold mine sitting there.

Big money seems to wreck a lot of hobbies. They have done it to antique guns, petroleum collectibles, old tractors, and on and on.
Yes this is true. All these shows that say oh well its worth this much then everyone who has one thinks by golly im gonna sell it for at least that much. Just ruins everything.

Antique guns is gonna be another market crash. There will always be a love of WW1 and 2 guns and such but things that dont have any historical value like "oh they only made this special edition gold trigger 12ga winchester shotgun for 1 year" type of guns are gonna tank.
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