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Originally Posted by JRN1967 View Post
Same as you, I often wonder how much longer this will continue? One of my older brothers is a Baby Boomer and he refers to his muscle cars as 401K's. I disagree, because I think there will be a void when Baby Boomers get a few more years older. Younger generations grew up driving foreign cars in their teen age years. They don't look at older cars the same way we do.

That's why I like my Model A driver. For under 10K I'm out there having fun, and if the bottom drops out of the market. I won't really care, because I own it cause I love it. Not because of some profit I might get out of it.

younger generations wont have money to buy the baby boomer cars so they will have to take a loss. There will always be a love of Detroit steel but yes the only things we grew up in are your generations hand me down toyotas and hondas :P
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