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Default Re: interesting cutoff switch

I do not like the idea of an overall cutoff switch because of the added electrical resistance. The key to a successful 6 volt electrical system is to use the heavier gauge wire as originally prescribed and ensure the connections are tight and the insulation is good.

Because the ignition switch carries only the ignition current, the concern may be (if the electrical system is properly maintained) to have a separate "accessories" switch to ensure there is no current drain when the car is parked. I refrain from using an accessory switch and just ensure the wiper and lights are off.

My biggest concern was the reluctance in early automotive days to use separate lower amperage fuses for lights, wiper and horn. Two or three 15 amp fuses would suffice. I ended buying and installing in my '29 Tudor an early Volkswagen Beetle bakelite fuse box because it looked "period". I use it to separately insert fuses for the lights, horn and wiper much like a later car.

Because a reliable electrical system is essential for enjoyment of the car, I am curious as to your thoughts on this?
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