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Originally Posted by Pa Joe View Post
I see on ebay there is a Hutchens horn. I never heard of it and was wondering if anyone else knows anything about them.
Hutchins Horns were made in the 1960's through the early 1970's and made or marketed out of St. Charles, Mo.(I think near St. Louis). They cost around $12 to $14 as new and were sold by many outfits such as Sears, Wards, Warshawskis, JC Whitney. Definitely an aftermarket Ahooga horn, heavy and work fairly well, but look horrible on a Model A. If a Model A owner has one on his car, he is labeled as a D.....b S......t. Not my favorite horn, I have picked up two Model A's with them installed, they were removed Warp Speed and placed for auction on the EBay place.
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