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Default Re: 1936 rear axle square key position

Originally Posted by aanderson178 View Post
Thanks, my first early v8 ford
Welcome to the FordBarn Forums aanderson!

I have found there are many customs for early cars that might run cross-wise to knowledge about things from my childhood in the sixties and later.

V8COOPMAN gave you a good piece of advice. The big nut should ideally be original Ford, with excellent threads on axle and nut. Make sure the keyway is clean with deep square edges and the key is true and square and has equally good edges. Then it needs to be tightened up to the neighborhood of 200 Lb/Ft and on the plus side to get the cotter pin in.

I do mine up to the 200. Drive it fifty-ish miles while monitoring all nuts. Then do it up to put in the cotters. I've had a '36 open car for about a dozen years and a '35 closed car for about five.
-Jeff H

Have you thought about supporting the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum?

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