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OK - some progress. I got the tower on and I have most of the gears. When I said I didn't have a shift pattern, I meant the shifter would flop left to right and maybe go into 4th or reverse if I twisted it. I pulled the shifter out and removed the tower again to make sure everything was in neutral. The shifter now seems to go into most gears, and I am hoping I may need to start the engine to let things mesh together. I attached a picture this time so you can see it is a plain old shift tower, no lock out.

This is a used transmission that I was told worked great. The gears all look good and I presume the shifter forks and sliders were good. If this doesn't shift when I start up, then I will put my tower on from my old transmission which was sloppy but worked. So, some progress - what else do you do on a late night.....

Now to get the fuel system primed so that it will start. The posts on the weak fuel pumps seem true. Trying all the tricks I read about. Thanks for everyone's help.
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