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Default Re: shift tower won't go back on!

Does your shift tower look like this one? If so when you put the tower on the trans the longer cast sleeves that hold the steel sliding shafts should be facing the front of the transmission (photo1). If the shift forks are seated properly in the groves on the gears the shift tower should sit flat on the trans. As Tinker suggests you may have to play with the shafts in the shift tower to get the forks to align with the gears. As I recall the neutral position for the forks is when all three shafts are more or less aligned as seen in photo2. Also be aware that there is a groove in the biscuit near the bottom of the shifter that needs to be aligned with the pin that holds the shifter cap on the shift tower. if that isn't aligned and held in place by the pin the shifter will rotate freely and you won't be able to work the sliders. I found it easier to put the shift tower back on the trans without the shifter installed in it.
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