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Default Re: bell housing for flathead to T-5 transmission

Originally Posted by George/Maine View Post
I have a 53 f100 3 speed flathead has like say 55 trans.
Can this bellhousing be used to go with t5 trans,and what may have to be done to use it.
I have a 53 F-100 and an 88 S-10 T-5 trans that I picked up at a yard, fresh from the truck. I talked to a man at Wilcap this afternoon. He told me I may be able to use their adapter for the Y block, as the bell for the 53 is different than the 52, but same as the 54 Y block. I will measure the height of my cast bell (with the motor mount ears) and the S-10 bell. They are very close in height. The Wilcap adapter is 1/2" thick. They also sell a longer pilot bearing, if needed, and a custom bearing retainer with bearing for input. The stock Ford throwout rides without need of a sleeve, as adapted. So I am hopefull, may wait til weather warms. I may try a local clutch shop to adapt the 1" 14 spline hub to Ford 10".
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