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Default Re: PCV VALVE SYSTEM for 8BA with Early Intake Manifold

Hey V8C...

Sorry for the slow reply. As stated the engine is a C8BA but it's an interesting engine. When I bought the engine the seller was throwing in the Fenton intakewith three 97s and two sets of original Eddie Meyer heads (block previous to the 8BA and 8BA styles) along with a set of wire wheels that may go on one of my '47 Buicks. He claimed that th engine came out of a Mercury but it had C8BA cast into the block and we all know that that's no Merc block. Anyway, when I was tearing it down this spring it had frozen up a bit but everything unbolted really easily and the pistons freed themselves. When I pulled the crank there was the tell tale oval dimple and wider counter weight and the desired 4" stroke. This engine was never rebuilt and the heads indicated Merc. But heads are easy to swap of course. There was also the Merc cam. So I believe that at the particular time this engine was assembled in Oakville they did not have any Merc blocks ready so they just threw the Merc crank, pistons, cam, and heads on it to get it down the line.

Really didn't pay that much for it considering what I got in the bargain. A couple of cracks that will be pinned and a couple of tiny "Ford p/n" cracks as well. Machine shop has been in business since well before WWII so they are heavily experienced.

I had the cam reground by a local shop that began in the mid fifties so more experience there also!

Any way I think in the pics to follow you will see that the Fenton intake is indeed for the 8BA series of blocks. (I have another block but was confused do when I saw 0BA, or is that 1BA, cast but then found out that indicates 1950/51.).)

So getting back to my original question, any guidance for a PCV for this intake?

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