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Default Re: PCV VALVE SYSTEM for 8BA with Early Intake Manifold


At the rear of the engine, we need to prepare for the PCV valve itself. There are several 'key' pieces involved back there. Let's start with the custom oil-fill tube and breather cap. It's available from Speedway Motors under part # "OTB 6825", $108. This is also where you'll ad engine oil. 9

Below the breather tube is a 1" thick spacer. The spacer is necessary mostly for a surface to drill through to accommodate the special, small 90 degree bulkhead fitting that transitions from outside to downward toward the PCV valve. The spacer comes from an eBay ad, which is actually The Dashman Hot Rod & Speed Parts Co., which can be reached at: 608-637-7167. It's described as...."Fits Stromberg 97 48 Ford Holley 94 Intake Fuel Pump Riser Flathead Spacer 1".....$34.95! It's a beautiful CNC-machined piece of aluminum stock. As can be seen in the pictures, Heard carefully machined a flat surface on the inside of the piece with his milling machine, but the piece could easily be shaped with hand tools if you don't have access to a mill. 10

The next piece is a specialty 90 degree bulkhead fitting. It has a barbed nipple fitting protruding through the 3/4" hole drilled through the flat, milled surface on that spacer. The bottom side of the 90 degree fitting has a female 1/4" NPT threaded hole facing downward, which will accommodate a 1/4" NPT male X 3/8" hose barb fitting inside the spacer, pointing downward. This hose barb will accept a short piece of 3/8" fuel hose which will connect the hose barb to the 3/8" nipple on the top end of the PCV valve. This 90 degree fitting is available at Jeg's and others, described as "ICT Billet 3/8 in. Hose Barb to 1/4" female NPT Bulkhead Adapter Fitting", Jegs part number 551660. $20.49. 11

The GM PCV valve is part number "AC DELCO 19303069". Seems like it was about $7-ish. The nipple faces UP and is connected to the brass hose barb via a short piece of 3/8" fuel hose. 12

The PCV valve sits in a rubberized fitting sized to hold these GM PCV valves. It is a Dorman piece, available at parts stores under "Dorman 46038". The slender appendage on the bottom is sized to accommodate a short piece of 3/8" copper tubing, which will connect the Dorman rubber fitting to the extended-length of 3/8" fuel hose that is long enough that you will be able to unbolt and lift the spacer/breather-tube/PCV valve assembly out of the engine and service the PCV valve, WITHOUT removing the intake manifold. As the assembly is replaced back onto the intake manifold, the assembly must be twisted ONE turn, forming a one-turn loop of the hose down inside the valve chamber. Care must be taken to ensure that the hose does not come in contact with any valve springs as it is inserted. The LOWER end of the 3/8" hose is slipped over the rear end of the long piece of clamped-down copper tubing which leads forward to the freeze plug fitting. 13

The final two pieces of this contraption consist of a 1/4" NPT male X 3/8" compression fitting which threads into the pipe thread hole in the top of the common manifold chamber.....'manifold' vacuum source. The single piece of bent copper tubing is connected to the nipple extending out from the 1" spacer via a short piece of 3/8" hose. The other end at the bottom of the inverted "U"-bend is secured in the compression fitting located between the two carb risers. Clean, functional, and simple! And it might even work. It's certainly looks pretty darned decent. 14


3/8" compression bulkhead (through freeze plug): #18090....Also at Good parts stores.
1" Aluminum Spacer...Described as "Fits Stromberg 97 48 Ford Holley 94 Intake Fuel Pump Riser Flathead Spacer 1".....$34.95! Dashman Hot Rod and Speed Parts. 608-637-7167.
PCV boot: Dorman #46038.....May have to order at O'Reilly's or good parts store.
Freeze plug: Dorman #555-023.....Good parts store.
PCV Valve: AC Delco #19303069.....Good parts store, eBay.
90 Degree thingie: Jegs #551660.....Others
3/8" NPT x 1/4" NPT male hose barb - don't have the # but easy to source - Speedway or good parts store.
3/8" compression x 1/4" NPT male - manifold fitting: don't have the # but easy to source - Speedway or good parts store.

Before we finish-up here, I should make it clear that once aagain, Heard and I co-ordinated this project long distance. He's just southwest of Daytona, and I'm located 25 miles or so northeast of downtown Houston. As usual, Heard did all the labor and got the dirty hands, did all of the running-around chasing parts, wrote all of the checks, and even took all of the pictures.. All that I do is make sure my hands stay clean, I point frequently, and I shoot-off my big mouth a lot just like most days here on the forum. In spite of my shortcomings, we still enjoyed putting all of this together, and even though neither of us is offering any kind of guarantees, we do hope that some of these ideas and part numbers might come-in handy for a couple of you's guys in the near future. ANY comments or questions are certainly welcome by either Heard or myself. I'll work on getting a link to this PCV project thread just under the "T5 W/TORQUE TUBE" link already located at the bottom, left of all of my posts for easy future reference. Dick D (DD) 16


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